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THIS week is Quiet Day week at The Well and that means the office swings into action in a flurry of activity ahead of welcoming people to the wonderful Christ Church in Leamington for the event.

The first day was yesterday, Thursday, with a repeat tomorrow, Saturday, on the theme of, ‘Gideon from coward to conqueror’ and day one was certainly a special time.

Anne is taking a break between the two, so this is Richard putting a few words together about the days.

The last session of yesterday’s event included a chance for people to give feedback and it was a privilege to hear some of the many ways God had been at work.

Some had responded directly to the message of the Gideon story and spoke of hearing the call to step out as men and women of courage, others told how they now saw other words of the Bible in a new light, while yet others were inspired to express the experience in words of their own, in verse.

It was truly a remarkable day, in part helped by an unexpectedly sunny day after our recent unsettled weather, which encouraged many people to take up the option of going for a walk in nearby Jephson Gardens and spending time in God’s wonderful creation.

We’re now looking ahead to the second of our Gideon days tomorrow and then on Sunday are thrilled to be having a stand at Praise in the Park in the Pump Rooms gardens, so do come and see us there.

As we know from previous years, it is a wonderful event when churches across Leamington come together for a united service – and on a particularly rainy previous occasion, a quick move indoors ensured not even a heavy downpour could stop the praise!

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