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A wonderful healing story!


WE had another of those wow moments this week when I had an email telling me of an amazing healing.

I have blogged before about how God has used a ‘baby’s beginning’ prayer to bring healing to a young child.

Well, two weeks ago, two of my team did another of these appointments.

They had already had an appointment with the mother who was concerned about her young child who had eczema, was not sleeping well and was limited to a very narrow diet as many foods upset her stomach.

The team discovered this mum had had a stressful pregnancy.

We have discovered children often pick up on the mum’s emotions and this can affect their health when they are born.

Therefore the team offered to do a ‘baby’s beginnings’ appointment which meant praying into the nine months the child was in the womb.

And we were delighted to get this email as a result:

 “I am emailing to let you know of my young child’s healing after you both prayed for her just over a week ago. She has gone from a diet of pork, potato, grapes, blueberries, broccoli and sorghum flour, to having vegetable curry, summer berries with pancakes, paella, jambalaya and all sorts!

“She has never tolerated herbs and spices before now. She has had only two small reactions which were short-lived and did not keep her up at night.

“On top of that she has hardly cried, now allows my husband to put her to bed, and has slept through every night. She no longer cries when she has her nappy changed and has been fine with strangers - no more panic attacks.

“Her skin is much better. There have been occasions when her skin has looked a little pink, at which point I have spoken out to her that she has been healed, and to receive her healing in Jesus' name.

“We are absolutely over the moon, if a little shell shocked! I am so grateful that you came to pray with us that day and that God chose to heal my baby at last.

“I am still hopeful that her healing will continue, as she still appears to be very sensitive to fabrics other than cotton, and her hands are still sore due to this. Perhaps at some point we could have further prayer for this.

“It was so good to meet you, and I feel our meeting was nothing less than a God encounter.”

Wow! What an amazing God we have and just to say we have booked in another appointment so I can’t wait to see what God is going to do!

We are beginning to develop this ministry and are at a very early stage but would welcome other babies or young children we could offer it to!

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