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A tantalising time


THIS has been a tantalising few days for me as the momentum has built up in the office towards our first-ever men’s day, which is taking place tomorrow, Saturday.

It’s been so exciting to see how many men have booked but as it is for men I’m rather on the outside of the arrangements, which is very different to all our other events!

Richard wrote about it last week and he and Keith have been closely involved.

I am picking up clues and I do think it’s just what we should be doing – responding to the challenges men face in the market place and about how they use their leisure time etc.

Roger Murphy is leading the day and I’ve worked with him in the past, so know he has a real gift for working among men.

It’s going to be a very special time and I can’t wait to hear all about it on Monday!

Next week is our last week of prayer ministry – and soaking prayer – until next year and we expect it will be as busy as the sessions we’ve just had, where there were appointments galore and many people dropping in!

There was a wonderful moment where I was praying for someone who has had a big struggle in their life. They came for prayer not really knowing who God is but aware that Christmas could be a difficult time.

We prayed for them and at the end of the prayer they opened their eyes and said, “He got through!”

Wow! That was amazing. We always hope people will encounter God when they come to The Well and it is wonderful to see it in action.

I will be here next week for my last piece of the year and then will be back in action as we start our prayer ministry again in the New Year!


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