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A spiritual stake in the ground


AT Leamington’s Praise in the Park last month I was invited to say a few words to share with people how ‘God heals today’ and give some examples.

In doing this, I shared how we had prayed for a number of babies recently and Father-God had healed them of a variety of ailments.

As a result of hearing that, someone came to The Pump Rooms and asked for prayer for her baby.

The following week I phoned her up and she was just so full of joy saying her baby was radically different, sleeping through the night and able to be left in her own room!

She is keen to share her story so look out for the full version in a forthcoming issue of our newsletter!

Again I had the opportunity to speak on ‘Does Jesus today?’ on Wednesday evening at the very exciting Filling Station in Witney, Oxfordshire.

Filling Stations are cropping up around the country offering midweek celebration meetings in non-church venues.

They are not churches but a chance for people to meet up once a month for refreshment – a bit like The Well's own Streams in the Desert.

The evening started with worship with a great band which really set the scene.

As part of my talk I showed the shorter version of The Well DVD and the stories on it still have such an effect on me!

I spoke of how God heals in so many ways and of the stories we have heard - and also that though we don't know why not everybody is healed, He is still Yahweh Rophe, ‘I am your Healer!’

After my talk I joined their ministry team and lots of people responded. I must have anointed with oil and prayer 30 people and there were longer appointments going on as well!

This week was not only a busy time at The Pump Rooms but also another of those weeks when we really saw – in line with The Well's vision – people coming from far and wide to The Well, from Derby, Hampshire, London and several from Birmingham, as well as nearby.

This included two people I spied through The Pump Room windows. They were deliberating over our sign so I invited them in!

We do pray that our sign will be like a beacon!

Today we are preparing for our Pathway Day next Saturday and I am looking forward to seeing my friend Pauline Andrew as she comes to be our main speaker.

Pauline and I go back a long way and we have spent time together working at many conferences and she is an incredibly interesting and inspiring person.

Yesterday she sent me her slides for her afternoon workshop on self-harm and reading them through I have already learned so much more about why people self harm.

I am looking forward to hearing what she is going to say in the morning sessions too.

I really believe that by holding this Pathway Day, as with our Pathway Day on cancer, we are putting a spiritual stake in the ground. We will be looking at some very hard issues and seeking a Pathway through to help support others. It is wonderful that: “My God turns my darkness into light” (Ps18: 28b).

So please pray for all those who will be there and if you know of anyone who is deliberating whether to come or not, then do encourage them to join us!

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