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A special delivery!


WE were delighted last week to welcome some St Mark’s Leamington Rainbows and parents to the office.

The Rainbows were carrying very large Santa sacks for The Well, full of goodies such as coffee, tea and chocolate biscuits.

These were wonderful gifts we can use to bless our guests in the new year and we are so grateful for their generosity once again!

We put on a little tea party for them and it was fun to listen to their excitement about Christmas and fascinating to see how much they enjoyed the snacks!

We had a good week of prayer ministry in The Well this week but are now closed until January 8 and 9 when those gifts will help us out so much!

The following week our Quiet Day programme starts and in early February we have another of our Pathway days, this time looking at fear and anxiety.

One of our new events this year has been our Prophetic Art workshops and we have now arranged another one for Thursday, February 14, which will focus on God’s love and thereby tie in with Valentine’s Day!

I am very grateful to God for this year which, as I have written in our Source magazine, has been a very full and a very special one.

So I am looking forward to having a break over Christmas to relax with friends and family.

I am sure Monty my cat, in particular, is looking forward to going on another bird and squirrel watching holiday in Stratford!

Thank you for your support and I look forward to journeying with you in 2013 and seeing what Father God may want to do in The Well and in us.

So to end my blog for 2012, I wish you, my friends, joy in this coming year. Courage for the bad times, stamina for the good!

In the words of the old Gaelic blessing, I wish you the deep peace of Christ, who is the Light of the World. Even in the darkness there is always light. Behind the darkness, there is always light!

With love and thanks


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