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A remarkable week!


For many of us the Cross is very familiar but at last Saturday’s Listening to God event, Gordon Hickson was able to help us go behind the Cross and to see perhaps what we've missed or forgotten.

In the words of one of our delegates: ‘Receiving this teaching has been amazing! Understanding that by faith we daily have to believe that the past is behind us and that Jesus has done the debt.’

He gave four talks in a day full of detail and discovery – it was really quite awesome teaching and we came away with notes packed full of references to follow up!

I know a lot of Bible passages but the verses Gordon was using were not ones I know by heart so during Lent my challenge is to go over them and start committing them to heart!

Leamington Baptist Church is a great venue with a large cross at the front, making it an ideal setting for a teaching day like this – look out for photos in the next issue of Source, our newsletter, which is due out next month!

There was other great feedback, including from somebody who met up with a friend they hadn’t seen for 20 years. Wow!

 IN ministry this week we have seen a number of children come for prayer, as often happens during a school holiday. It’s been a pleasure and a delight to welcome them and pray for them – we have always prayed for people of all ages, though children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

If you look at our DVD - which can be viewed through our website or you can get a copy from the office - one of the testimonies is from a young person whose life was transformed after she came for healing prayer. If you haven’t heard her story I’m not going to give it away, because she tells it so much better than I can!


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