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A partnership to remember!


IN last week’s piece I wrote about Worcester and wallpaper – among other things – and promised an update!

On the subject of the wallpaper, I have to report Alfie has struck again in my lovely redecorated room so he is now likely to be banned from it!

The beautiful city of Worcester was in mind because that’s where we were doing our first-ever partnership day with another church on Saturday – at St Peter’s Baptist Church, which has a wonderful building in a new area on the outskirts.

We teamed up to run one of our pathway days, this one looking at fear and anxiety, with Neil Dunlop as our link person in Worcester and Heather and I from The Well doing the talks.

It was the first time we had run a day on this subject and for many people in the Worcester area it was the first time they had heard of The Well but I am delighted to say we had a very special day and God was really at work in so many ways.

I will share with you some of the feedback soon but I just wanted to say a big thank-you to Neil and the rest of the team at St Peter’s who helped the day run so smoothly from sound desk to refreshment tables and all those little details in-between!

Royal Leamington Spa is at the heart of the vision I received from God so will always be central to the Well’s activities but part of the vision was about ripples going back out and it is exciting to reflect that we have now been able to do a partnership event like this in another place!

The feedback was very encouraging and while I hope to have news on another pathway day very soon I will leave you with a few of the comments we received:

‘Such a God-breathed day. Went so quickly. I would like more days like this.’

‘I feel so much more peace in my life now.’

 ‘Someone put into words what I’m going through and pointed me in the right direction for answers.’

‘The prayer stations were very thought-provoking.’

‘Wonderful. Did soaking prayer and felt so peaceful afterwards.’

‘It was so useful to be given the vehicle to overcome fear and anxiety.’

Wow!!! Once again, I just want to say thank you Father!!!!

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