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20 Augusta Place

We Really Can Make a Difference

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During our first ten years of public ministry thousands of Guests have visited The Well and many have experienced God’s healing love in their body, mind and spirit.

After consulting a doctor I was told that I had acid reflux and hyper gut sensitivity, I was put on medication which helped but I still had the mental hangover of associating food with being ill. I went to The Well and I was fully released from this condition. Through the power of prayer I am free from anxiety around food and no longer on medication.”

Here is a testimony from a Soaking Prayer session

“The stress I came in with has dissipated and I have renewed vigour to go back and face my difficult situation.” 

We love training others to pray for God’s healing. A recent delegate remarked“A brilliantly led and composed course of prayer in action - motivating, inspiring and enabling.”

When refurbished the building will have:

  • A multi-purpose hall for prayer ministry and other events
  • Private prayer ministry rooms
  • Offices for administration
  • Permanent space for Soaking Prayer and Training

This would give us the opportunity to offer God’s love to many thousands more guests over the next 10 years and also will be a great resource for use by the local community when not in use by The Well.

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Any support you can give us, would bring us a step closer to achieving our vision.
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