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A miracle in our midst


IN my piece last week I wrote briefly about our Quiet Days and hinted there had been a very special time!

The days were on ‘Our God Who Heals’ and one of the names of God is ‘I am the God Who Heals’.

In my talks I unpacked that and was particularly conscious that when we are in a difficult place we might make up our own theology and say ‘God has sent me this illness to teach me patience’.

But this is incorrect! He is not a God who sends illness to teach people patience!

This resonated with many.

We looked at healing miracles and in particular the healing of the lame man in Acts 3.

Luke tells how after he was healed he walked, he leapt and he praised God - and we talked of how this was a wonderful description of how God has healed someone in their body, soul and spirit!

And joy of all joys, we had a miracle happening in our midst during the Thursday Quiet Day.

I was aware of a gentleman who arrived late with a group of people. He sat at the back, was very bowed down and had a hat covering his face. I thought this was a little unusual and wondered whether he had been force to come to the Quiet Day!

After this I didn’t see him for the rest of the day and assumed he’d gone home because he felt so uncomfortable.

However, in our conclusion time at the end of the day I asked if God had healed anyone.

A man came forward and said at 11.35am God had healed him.

He then told us how on the 2nd June he had contracted conjunctivitis, which then went into his corneas and made him extremely light sensitive.

Since this time he had been living in the dark by wearing his hat, mask and sunglasses, and being in his house with the curtains drawn.

He went for one of the 15 minute prayer appointments we offer during our Quiet Days and as the team prayed he felt an extreme burning sensation in his eyes which made them water.

After the prayer he said to his wife, ‘I think I’m going to put my normal glasses on and maybe take off my hat’.

He did so and then said to his wife they should go outside.

It was quite a sunny day but he was absolutely fine because God had healed his eyes – and this is why I didn’t see the guy in the hat who was bowed down, because God had healed him!

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