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A 'Kairos' Moment - a Window to Heaven Opens


A 'Kairos' Moment - a Window To Heaven Opens

I am excited to be writing for you now for two reasons. The first is that we have a new Operations Manager, Janice Cairns. I am thrilled because Janice is taking a lot of weight off my shoulders.

And the second piece of good news is that our Quiet Day on Thursday 23 January was amazing!

Sometimes in life there are moments when a window opens and God comes right in and He speaks.

We all experienced such a moment at the Well's Quiet Day on Thursday.

It was a very rich time, and people came spiritually hungry. I spoke on the theme of Jesus saying "Come - whether you're full or empty, just come."

5 minutes before the afternoon session one of my former guests, Ian, came up to me. It was great to see Ian because God healed his eyes at our July 2012 Quiet Day. His eyes are still fantastic, and you can listen to his testimony here.

Ian's wife Yvonne said to me, "Anne, can I sing? God has placed a song on my heart."

There was something in my spirit, even though it was last minute. I knew I had to say "Yes."

Yvonne then sang, accompanied by Ian on the piano. The song was "Before the World Began." Some of the words are "Come to the Father... everything was done so that you would come.... Nothing you can do,/Could make Him love you more."

There was a deep hush among the audience as we listened, and I could see several people crying. When Yvonne had finished, I stood up. But I couldn't say anything. I thought, I cannot add to this moment.

I tried to begin a Reflection. But more people were crying.  It was a "Kairos" moment. A window to heaven opens, a window of opportunity.

I knew words would spoil the moment so I gave the group space. After four or five minutes I stood up again. There was still a deep hush within the group, and more people were crying. So I said, "Let's just have a few more minutes with God," and we did.

It was just as if  God came in, and He spoke - and people cried.

Let me finish with two testimonies from the day:

Thank you to The Well for the rich blessing you have been over my journey in the last 3 years. Praise God the desert is behind me and grass is between my toes and meadows are waiting to be discovered.

The second testimony is from a lady who travelled some distance to us, from Wales. She has suffered stress and anxiety recently and she only heard about our Quiet Day two days before. She rang us, and although we were full we said, "Yes, do come."

She told us at the end of the day: God has lifted my burden, I haven't smiled for several weeks, and I have been laughing today.

I'd love to tell you more about these Quiet Days next week, when we've had the second Quiet Day on Saturday.

So watch this space!



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