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A breakfast to remember!

THIS week started with a difference – I was guest speaker at a rather splendid men’s breakfast on Saturday morning, talking about The Well.

There were about 30 men there and a really good full monty breakfast served up by a dynamic chef who did a splendid job in the kitchen!

I showed the Well DVD which never ceases to have an impact on me as I hear the four testimonies it contains and then talked more about our work.

I was asked a direct question about when the follow-up to our highly-successful men’s day last year will be taking place – and all I could say then and say again now is I expect news very, very soon!

Then on Sunday evening I was speaking at a home-based church which really felt early church-ish.

Lydia in Philippi had the church in her home and this felt like going back to the roots of where we’ve come from!

Then on Monday evening I was doing training our new trainees and it’s so lovely to see how God is continuing to graft men and women into The Well who are so passionate about seeing his Kingdom here on Earth grow!

We looked at policies, maximising booth time and at various prayers which we prayed for each other!

Then it was time for prayer ministry and the last of our three weeks in our temporary base at Christ Church, which meant on Wednesday afternoon we had to pack everything up and move back to the Pump Rooms ready for next week!

Next week’s Quiet Days are approaching fast – sold out on Thursday but still some places available on Saturday, 13th October – so I have done my photos from Jephson Gardens but now need to go and really think seriously about my new talks on Soaring on Eagle Wings!!!

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